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How To Buy On RedVilla.Tech

RedVilla provides the one-stop shopping of all digital products available to your fingertips with its array of digital products that are available with the click of a button. Whether you’re buying from RedVilla.Tech on your computer, tablet, or phone, you can be sure to find whatever you’re looking for on their website.

1. Create An Account

Visit the website RedVilla.Tech
Open RedVilla.Tech Website
  1. Open RedVilla‘s website.

    Along the top of the website, you will see a simple taskbar that contains 6 departments, which contains Home, Music, Services, About, For Seller, and Create account section.
After Entering Your Email Address, Click On Register.

2. Fill Out the Registration Form.

Enter your active email address on the Register Section (Right side) and click on the ‘Register’ box below.

Note: If you have Facebook or Twitch Account. You can skip creating the password stage.

After clicking the Register box, You will see a popup for email verification.

Copy the email verification code on the email

3. Check Verification on Email:

Now, Go to your email account and Open the email sent by RedVilla with the subject “Verify Your RedVilla Account”. Copy the code/ Click the link on the email.

Paste this code on the popup on RedVilla

4. Paste The email verification code on the popup.

After this stage, Your email address will be verified.

Note: Click here to know why email verification is important.

You will receive an email

5. Generate a Password.

For creating the password, Go to your email again and Open the email by RedVilla with the subject line “Your RedVilla account has been created!”. Click on “Click here to set your new password”

Set your passwords for your account

6. Create a unique password. Your password must include uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols to make your password strength better.

Learn more about the security measures you should take to keep your digital products safe.

After that, your password will be set. Click on login

7. Log In

Now log in by entering Your email address and the password in the login section.

2. Explore Products

This is your dashboard page. Here you can check all RedVillas’ features.
  1. Home

    To explore the products go to the homepage by clicking Home in the taskbar.

    Note: You can also, explore the products in the Music section.
You can search your preferred genre (music), and/ or any type of digital product on the search bar

2. Search

Search Your Preferred Musical Genre/ Style. For the Tutorial, I searched my favorite musical genre (i.e. Classic).

If the genre/ style exists, You will find the name in ‘Genre (No. of products)’ format. Click on the genre to explore more products (‘Classic (42)’ in my case)

You can explore your preferred type by popularity, rating, upload time, and price

3. Default Sorting

For more options, you can click on the top left option of the page called “Default sorting”. Here, you can explore the product by popularity, average rating, latest products, and price.

3. Check Product Legitimacy

On the product page, you will find an audio player to listen to the music.

1. Listen to Music

You can listen to music by going to a product page (by clicking your preferred title or an audio image) & clicking the play button on the right side of the product.

After scrolling down, You will find descriptions, vendor details, reviews, q&a for legitimacy and tags, and related products ( for exploring more similar style tracks)

2. Legitimacy

For more information, Scroll Down. Now, You can check the description, You can click the vendor (to access vendor information), reviews (to know customer & user experience), and can also ask questions (if any) in the “Questions and Answers” Section.

For exploring more, you can click Tags: to find genre-specific products. you will also find more similar tracks in the ”Related products” section.

4. Checkout and Payment

By Clicking Buy Now, You will be forwarded to the checkout page
  1. Buy your favorite track

    Click Buy Now If you want to buy a single track. For buying multiple tracks you can add the tracks to the cart.

    You can also add a coupon code ‘from account creation emails’ to get discounts.
On the Checkout page, Scroll down and click on “Proceed to PayPal”

2. Click “Proceed to PayPal”

Note: You can order without having a PayPal account. RedVilla uses PayPal for processing the payments only.

Fill in your payment details and click on continue

3. Fill out the Payment Information

If you have a PayPal account, you can connect with PayPal. If you don’t fill in your information and click continue.

Note: Learn, why I need to fill in the address information for the digital product.

5. Accessing The Files

Click the boxes to download Audio FIle and License File

You can download the files (i.e. license/ music files) by clicking the boxes on the order page.

You have successfully accessed an audio file

Congratulations! The files are securely accessible and licensing is completed. Now you can freely use the musical file in any project you like.

The files will always be accessible for lifelong in your email and your RedVilla.Tech Account.

The Files links will be sent to your email

You will receive an email with links to download the products once, the order is successfully completed.

The UC files are saved lifelong on your account page too

To access the products you can visit, the Downloads section on your account page.

Perfect! This was the tutorial for How to Buy Products from RedVilla.Tech. Feel free to check more tutorials here or if you get any problems, email us here. Our support system will assist you within 1 to 3 business days.

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