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with the full ownership licenses.

Our Goals

The following are our goals which we are trying to achieve before 2022.

Completing RedVilla Application
App 40%
Reaching 500 subscribers on YouTube
340 YouTube Subscribers 68%
100 Music Licenses on Website
Music 60%

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The Journey of


RedVilla is a Digital eCommerce marketplace which provides High-Quality Copyright-Free Digital Products such as Music and, similar services such as Custom Music Services & Remixing Services at faster, better, and, more affordable rates than current platforms.

The startup has dreams about increasing its Digital products by providing licenses of Stock Images, Stock Videos as well as Software plugins in 2022.

RedVilla provides solutions to artists and, musical enthusiasts by providing easily licensable digital music so they can use the product for for-profit purposes. The business model provides solutions to corporates as well by providing them with high-quality digital arts for their advertising purposes.