RedVilla reports January 2024 KPIs

RedVilla Reports January 2024 KPIs

Hello, this is the founder of RedVilla – Vedant, and the following is the first KPI report of the RedVilla.

RedVilla is a dynamic digital product marketplace dedicated to connecting creators with consumers in an innovative and user-friendly online platform. Our mission at RedVilla is to empower creators to showcase their talents and digital products to a global audience while providing consumers with a diverse range of digital products directly from artists tailored to their interests and needs.

Purpose of monthly KPI report:

The purpose of our monthly KPI report is to offer transparency and insight into the performance and growth of RedVilla. By sharing key metrics and highlights from each month, we aim to inform our stakeholders, including potential investors worldwide, about our progress toward achieving our mission and goals.

This report serves as a valuable tool for assessing our performance, identifying areas for improvement, and fostering trust and confidence in our platform.

Executive Summary:

In January, RedVilla continued its trajectory of growth and innovation in the digital product marketplace. With a focus on enhancing user experience and expanding our product offerings, we achieved several significant milestones. Key highlights include:

User Growth: RedVilla experienced a 20% increase in total users compared to the previous month, reaching a new milestone of 599 registered users. Active user engagement also saw a notable uptick, with a 51.9% increase in average time spent on the platform.

Traffic Surge: Website traffic surged by 42.1%, driven primarily by Organic Social and Display sources. This increase in visibility underscores the growing recognition of RedVilla as a leading destination for digital products.

Product Expansion: Our product catalog expanded with 162 new products across various categories, including music, images, and design assets.

Looking ahead, RedVilla remains committed to fostering innovation, enhancing user engagement, and driving sustainable growth. With strategic investments in marketing, product development, and customer support, we are confident in our ability to further solidify our position as a leading player in the digital product marketplace.

User Metrics

  1. Total number of users (registered and active):
  • Total registered users: 599
  • Total Monthly active users (for January): 550

b. New user sign-ups:

  • Total new user sign-ups in January: 103
  • The month-over-month growth rate in new user sign-ups: 15%
  • Geographic distribution:
  • USA: 23.8%
  • India: 19%
  • Pakistan: 8.1%
  • Turkiye: 5.6%
  • Tanzania: 5%
  • Others: 38.5%

Traffic Metrics

  • Total website visits in January: 1,865
  • Month-over-month growth rate in website visits: 44.57%
  1. Source of traffic:
  • Social Media traffic: 40.75%
  • Direct traffic: 33.9%
  • Paid search: 14.42%
  • Organic Search: 10.5%
  • Top-performing Traffic Channels: (Views by Session Campaign)
  • Referral/ Social Media Traffic: 760 visits
  • Direct: 634 visits
  • Paid Advertising: 269 visits
  • Organic Traffic: 197 visits


Visits from Social Media continue to be the primary source of traffic for RedVilla, contributing 40.7% of total website visits. This underscores the importance of having social proof in driving website visibility and attracting relevant users.

Direct traffic, comprising 33.9% of total visits, suggests a strong brand presence and direct user engagement. This could be attributed to brand recognition, word-of-mouth referrals, or users directly typing in the website URL.

Paid search and social media channels, while accounting for a smaller percentage of total traffic, represent opportunities for further optimization and investment to enhance visibility and reach new audiences.

Engagement Metrics

  1. Average time spent on the website:
  • Average time spent on the website per visit: 46 seconds
  • Month-over-month change in average time spent: +51.9%
  • Page views per visit:
  • Average number of page views per visit: 3.3
  • Month-over-month change in page views per visit: +17.5%

  • Popular products:

Top 3 most viewed products in each Category:

  • Images
    • Isaiah and Mark Apostle
      • Isaia
      • Lamb of God Mosaic
  • Videos
    • The Last Man on Earth
      • RedVilla Complete Walkthrough
      • 1984 (1956 film)
  • Music
    • Chikai – Don’t Think Twice (Lofi Instrumental)
      • Face My Fears Cover – Hikaru Utada & Skrillex (Lofi Instrumental)
      • Ao no Sumika – Lofi Instrumental


The average time spent on the website per visit has increased by 51.9% compared to the previous month, indicating improved user engagement and interest in RedVilla’s content and offerings.

Page views per visit have also seen a significant increase of 17.5%, suggesting that users are exploring multiple pages and engaging with a variety of content during their visit.

The most viewed and best-selling products provide valuable insights into user preferences and interests. Orthodox Historical Images, Classic Movies, and Lofi Instrumental Music are particularly popular among RedVilla’s audience, highlighting the demand for classic and chill content.

Operational Metrics

a. Uptime/downtime:

  • Website uptime: 99.98%
    • Total downtime: 1 hour
    • Reasons for downtime: Scheduled maintenance for server upgrades

b. Technical updates or improvements made:

Implemented server upgrades to enhance website performance and stability.

Optimized website caching to improve page load times and overall user experience.

Enhanced security protocols to safeguard user data and prevent potential threats.

It resolved minor bugs and issues reported by users for smoother navigation and functionality.

Conducted A/B testing on landing pages to improve conversion rates and user engagement.

Implemented SEO enhancements to improve organic search visibility and drive more traffic to the website.

Marketing Efforts

a. Summary of Marketing Campaigns:

Launched a Google ads campaign to drive traffic to the website. The campaign included targeted advertisements and user-generated content to increase brand awareness and engagement.

b. CPC of Marketing Campaigns:

Google Ads Campaign:

Total ad spend: $6

Total visits: 269

CPC: $0.02

c. Future Marketing Plans:

Expand social media presence on emerging platforms such as Quora to reach younger demographics and explore new marketing opportunities.

Invest in content marketing initiatives, including blog posts, tutorials, and video content, to provide value to our audience and establish RedVilla as a thought leader in the digital product space.

Launch targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads and other search engines to capture users actively searching for digital products and related keywords.

Explore partnerships with complementary brands and organizations to co-create content, host joint events, and reach new audiences through cross-promotion.

Challenges and Opportunities

a. Obstacles faced during the month:

  • Technical Issues: Encountered sporadic server issues resulting in brief periods of downtime, affecting user experience and site performance. Resolved promptly through proactive monitoring and technical support.
    • Lack of desired functionalities: The platform is currently in MVP stages and works perfectly for buyers and sellers but, there are so many desired functionalities that we want to add to enhance the user experience.

b. Opportunities for growth or improvement:

  • Improvement in User Experience: Opportunity to optimize website navigation, streamline checkout processes, and improve search functionality to enhance user experience and drive higher conversion rates.
    • Expansion of Product Catalog: Opportunity to diversify product offerings by partnering with new creators and expanding into niche categories to cater to a wider range of interests and preferences.
    • International Expansion: Opportunity to explore new markets and expand our global presence by localizing content, offering multi-language support, and tailoring marketing efforts to specific regions and demographics.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Opportunity to form strategic partnerships with complementary brands in AI, Animation, and Music Distribution industries to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and unlock new revenue streams.

Future Plans

a. Goals for February:

  • Increase user engagement: Aim to achieve a 20% increase in average time spent on the website and a 10% increase in page views per visit.
  • Expand product catalog: Add 100 new digital products across various categories to cater to diverse user interests and preferences.
  • Increase registered users: Goal to reach 700 registered users and 20% increase in Monthly Active Users
  • Improve conversion rate: Increase the overall conversion rate by 5% through the optimization of landing pages, checkout processes, and call-to-action strategies.
  • Strategies to achieve those goals:
  • Enhance Content Quality: Invest in high-quality content creation, including tutorials, guides, and product demos, to engage users and provide value-added content.
  • View counter: Implement a view counter on product pages to give users details about the product.
  • Ad Campaign: Implement a strategic ad campaign to reach potential users, and grow.
  • Brand Partnerships: Forge strategic partnerships with influential organizations to build mutually beneficial elements such as dual posting features, to benefit both platforms with content.
  • Performance Tracking: Continuously monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track progress toward goals, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize strategies and tactics.

Recap and Conclusion

RedVilla experienced continued growth and innovation in January, with significant achievements across various metrics. User metrics showed a steady increase in both registered and active users, reflecting growing interest in our platform.

Traffic metrics demonstrated a surge in website visits, driven by direct traffic, referrals, and strategic marketing efforts. Engagement metrics indicated improved user engagement and interest in RedVilla’s content and offerings, with higher average time spent on the website and increased page views per visit. Operational metrics highlighted exceptional website uptime and technical updates aimed at enhancing performance and user experience.

Marketing efforts yielded positive returns, with effective campaigns driving revenue growth and increasing brand visibility. Challenges such as technical issues and increased competition were addressed proactively, while opportunities for growth and improvement were identified and capitalized on.

We welcome feedback, questions, and suggestions from our investors as we continue on our journey of growth and expansion. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable to us as we strive to enhance our platform, drive innovation, and deliver value to our users and stakeholders.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or feedback you may have. We are committed to transparency and open communication and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your continued support of RedVilla. Together, we are shaping the future of the digital product marketplace and empowering creators and consumers worldwide.

How to Claim Music on RedVilla

So, you have finally distributed your music to the RedVilla store and want to claim your music and a vendor page. This blog will give a brief overview of How to Claim Music on RedVilla.

Claiming music is very easy and can be completed in 5 easy steps.

1. Go to the account page

2. Register as a Vendor

3. Go Below the Dashboard, and Click the button ‘Claim Form’

How to Claim Form
The Claim Form is at the bottom of the dashboard
Fill in the Information.

The RedVilla team will verify your information and your products will be added to your dashboard within 24 hours. You will receive an email as soon as your work has been added to RedVilla Store.

If you find any inconvenience, please feel free to contact us here

How to Sell Music

How To Sell Music

Selling Music online can be a complex and time-consuming process. But, It is essential to choose the right platforms that could bring progress in your musical career. The following is the tutorial on how to sell music.

               I have been a music producer for the past 8 years and one of the most frequent questions asked by my friends is ‘How to Sell Music?‘. There are various ways to sell your music. My musical journey was challenging but, one thing that made me commit to keep working was competing with myself. As an artist, we all have uniqueness in ourselves. Always make sure to polish this uniqueness and bring quality to your music.

There are various ways to sell your music. You can sell your music on Streaming Platforms (through Distributors), Individual Stores, or Your website. But, all of the given options have their weaknesses. i.e. Distributors often have annual subscriptions, Independent Musical Stores often have shady policies and may steal your work, and Running your website could be costly. But, there is one far better and secure way to sell music. Here, I would love to introduce: RedVilla.

               RedVilla is one of the fastest-growing digital marketplaces in the world. Today, the website has over 200k monthly visitors, 500+ potential buyers, and 1000+ musical products. To get access to this highly growing audience segment, here is an easy blog tutorial regarding how to sell music on RedVilla.

                Uploading music on RedVilla is easy and can be completed within 3 steps.

1. Create a Vendor Account

how to sell music
Go to Account Page -> Click ‘Register as Vendor’
Fill in the information -> Register
From my Account Click Register to create account

After registering, you will be redirected to the Vendor Dashboard

2. Add Product Information

Go to Products -> Add a new product
On Vendor Dashboard, Click Products -> Add New Product
  1. Make sure to click Downloadable and Virtual Boxes
  2. Upload your artwork in the preview section (The artwork must be 300×300 in size.)
  3. Add the Title of your track
  4. Fill in Price
Fill all of the information, Make sure your aspect ratio for preview is 300x300

e. Select the Right Category for your Music (if you don’t find the right category, contact us here)

Select category

f. Add essential tags

Select tags

g. Under the Downloadable Options, Click ‘Add Files’ and Click Choose file to upload your Music file

Add File -> Click Choose file and Upload your Music

h. Add an audio preview: Go to the Short Description Section and add the following code:

  1. Replace the text – Format – with the actual format of the music
  2. Replace the text – FILE_URL – with the Original Download Link (From the File URL from -> Downloadable Options)
  3. Make sure to select the pasted File URL and click the Insert link option
Copy the link and paste into our code and change format

3. Publish and Promote

  1. You can add a customizable note to your customers
  2. After filling in the information, Click ‘Save Product’ to Publish
  3. After saving the product, you can click ‘View Product’ to check the live product on RedVilla
Add Purchase Note and Save the Product to go live

Congratulation! Your music is finally live on RedVilla. The project believes in the freedoms of the creator and artists. RedVilla operates as a platform for artists and creators to showcase their digital art to new audiences. Please make sure to promote your Product Link on Social Platforms. RedVilla’s algorithm depends upon Product Reviews and Total Sales. Please feel free to contact us here for any problems.

The withdrawal process on RedVilla is very simple. The sellers can withdraw the amount within the 3 days after the sale. As of today, RedVilla takes a 10% commission per sale but, in the future, the value may change. Please make sure to create an account with RedVilla to keep you updated about RedVilla’s policy changes through emails.

The following was the blog on how to sell music online for free. Please feel free to check other tutorials and resources to increase your store visibility. Thanks for reading 🙂

What is RedVilla.Tech?

What is RedVilla.Tech?


Hey, Founder of RedVilla here… 😁

In my high school days, I was addicted to EDM and Dubstep beats. Watching Alan Walker, Skrillex, Diplo, and Martin Garrix led me to pursue my career in ‘Music Composition / Production’ 🎧

After learning Music Production for over 3 years, I finally managed to compose my first album. Now just find a platform where I can upload the album and Get Rich! 💰


Hold on…

Even after being able to produce music, I wasn’t able to find a fair marketplace/ distribution platform. Every marketplace for music producers had huge Royalty cuts (30% to 70%), Bad Data Statistics, Big Withdrawal Limits, No Customer support, and In some cases No Free plans 😶

After researching, I came to realize that all artists & content creators suffer from this problem 🔬

The two main points I learned were:

  • There are no ‘General Marketplaces’ for All Creators.
  • The features offered by these marketplaces are not fair for New Digital Content Creators

That’s when I decided to build RedVilla! The main virtue for building this platform was to provide the best foundation for artists as well as creators so, they can monetize and grow their careers respectively ❤️

In April of 2023, The MVP Stage of RedVilla was just completed. And, The product is officially functional!

About RedVilla Version 0.0

Features for Buyers:

  • Discounts and offers
  • Access to Royalty-Free & High-Quality Music Files
  • Free to use
  • Updates on upcoming Talent on the Platform
  • Freebies

Features of Sellers:

  • Analytical Reports
  • No Minimum Withdrawal Limit
  • Get Paid Within 3 Days
  • Fast Customer Support
  • Easy Interface
  • Create an account for Free

Please feel free to comment here! Please feel free to feedback and suggest ideas to make this place best for us 😊

How To Buy On RedVilla.Tech?

How To Buy On RedVilla.Tech

Buying any digital product on RedVilla is very easy.

Just Create an account -> Select your desired product from your desired category -> Add the product to the cart -> Complete the payment -> and, You will be able to access the project with ease.

What is Royalty-Free?

What are Royalty-Free Projects?

When the product is “royalty-free,” it means that you can use it without having to pay royalties or fees every time you use it. In other words, you pay for it once, and then you can use it as many times as you want without any additional fees.

For example, if you buy a royalty-free image, you can use it on your website, social media posts, or any other project without having to pay the photographer, videographer, music producer, or artist each time you use it. Similarly, if you buy a royalty-free music track, you can use it in your videos without having to pay the composer or musician each time you use it.

So, when you see a video that is “not royalty-free,” it means that you will have to pay additional fees every time you use it or the product is sold for “nonprofit purposes” (i.e. for fans) only.

How To Find the Best Digital Projects?

How to find The Best Digital Projects?

The marketplace is full of variety and a lot of digital products. It can feel hard to find the projects you want.

To find the project you need, Identify your requirements. Which category of the digital project are you interested in? (Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, or something else). You can access this category on top of the website (on the header).

On the category page, you will be able to see multiple projects with searchability by date added, ratings, and many other statistics.

If you don’t find what you want, You can always search type/ tag/ genre of products you are looking for.

RedVilla partners with Stithulf for a Strategic Diversification

RedVilla partners with Stithulf for a Strategic Diversification

“Stithulf ERC – a Research Project in Financial Services has been one of my core projects. RedVilla will support the project by holding our assets in Stithulf ERC token” – Founder, RedVilla

More about Stithulf –

More about Stithulf ERC Crypto Token –

The following is the wallet address of RedVilla: 0x291DA24d72CC7990F96444f29cAdbDAEb2C957eD


– Founder of RedVilla