How To Buy On RedVilla.Tech?

How To Buy On RedVilla.Tech

Buying any digital product on RedVilla is very easy.

Just Create an account -> Select your desired product from your desired category -> Add the product to the cart -> Complete the payment -> and, You will be able to access the project with ease.

What is Royalty-Free?

What are Royalty-Free Projects?

When the product is “royalty-free,” it means that you can use it without having to pay royalties or fees every time you use it. In other words, you pay for it once, and then you can use it as many times as you want without any additional fees.

For example, if you buy a royalty-free image, you can use it on your website, social media posts, or any other project without having to pay the photographer, videographer, music producer, or artist each time you use it. Similarly, if you buy a royalty-free music track, you can use it in your videos without having to pay the composer or musician each time you use it.

So, when you see a video that is “not royalty-free,” it means that you will have to pay additional fees every time you use it or the product is sold for “nonprofit purposes” (i.e. for fans) only.

How To Find the Best Digital Projects?

How to find The Best Digital Projects?

The marketplace is full of variety and a lot of digital products. It can feel hard to find the projects you want.

To find the project you need, Identify your requirements. Which category of the digital project are you interested in? (Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, or something else). You can access this category on top of the website (on the header).

On the category page, you will be able to see multiple projects with searchability by date added, ratings, and many other statistics.

If you don’t find what you want, You can always search type/ tag/ genre of products you are looking for.