RedVilla reports February 2024 KPIs

RedVilla Reports February 2024 KPIs

Hi, This is Vedant from RedVilla, and the following is the KPI report for February 2024.

In February, Our main goal was to increase the User engagement period, Total active, and registered users.

To achieve these goals, RedVilla experimented with adding public-domain movies to the platform. The experiment was a success, as the Average Engagement Time per user grew more than expected as we added over 150 Movies to the platform.

Our product catalog expanded with 383 new products with the addition of Public Domain Movies, Animations, Graphic Designs, Wallpapers, Fan-made Images, and New Musical Tracks.

User Metrics

RedVilla experienced a 17% increase in total registered users compared to January, reaching a new milestone of 701 registered users (from 599). Average Engagement Time per user saw a 28.2% increase due to developments on the platform.

Website traffic surged by 39.41%, driven primarily by Referral and Direct sources.

Looking ahead, RedVilla remains committed to its goals of innovating new ideas, improving user engagement, and driving user growth.

a. Total number of users (registered and active):

    • Total registered users: 701
    • Total Monthly Active Visitors (for February): 790

    b. New user sign-ups:

    • Total new user sign-ups in February: 102
    • The month-over-month growth rate in new user sign-ups: 17%

    Geographic distribution:

    • India: 35.8%
    • United States of America: 25.8%
    • Philippines: 3.9%
    • UK: 3%
    • Germany: 2.6%
    • Others: 28.9%

    Traffic Metrics

    • Total website visits in February: 3,247
    • Month-over-month growth rate in website visits: 74.1%
    1. Source of traffic:
    • Referral: 54.9%
    • Direct: 36.1%
    • Organic: 8.7%
    • Other: 0.3%

    Top-performing Traffic Channels: (Views by Session Campaign)

    • Referral: 1,783
    • Direct: 1,174
    • Organic: 284

    Engagement Metrics

    1. Average time spent on the website:
    • Average time spent on the website per visit: 59 seconds
    • Month-over-month change in average time spent: +28.2%
    • Page views per visit:
    • Average number of page views per visit: 4.1
    • Month-over-month change in page views per visit: +21.2%

    Popular Products

    Top 3 most viewed products in each Category:

    • Images
      • Silent Yearnings: A Moment of Hidden Desire
        • Isaiah and Mark Apostle
        • Isaia
    • Videos
      • The Last Man on Earth
        • 1984 (1956 film)
        • Suddenly (1954)
    • Music
      • Face My Fears Cover – Hikaru Utada & Skrillex (Lofi Instrumental)
        • Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No. 1
        • Illegible (Asian Rap Music)

    Operational Metrics

    a. Uptime/downtime:

    • Website uptime: 100%

    b. Technical updates or improvements made:

    • Resolved security bugs and minor issues reported by developers
    • Added a View Counter feature to improve User Engagement
    • Implemented SEO enhancements with search engines to improve organic search visibility


    Due to organic growth on social platforms, we decided not to use any form of Paid Advertising.

    Future Marketing Plans:
    • Increase presence on Instagram, Facebook Groups, and Reddit
    • Create Creator side & User side Tutorials to Improve User Experience
    • Seek for Guest Posting to News Media Corp. or Text Interviews with Independent Journalists
    • Request for Video Review to a user
    • Tutorials & Video Support: Blogs and Video Tutorials to help Users and Creators understand the platform.
      • English-Speaking Countries:
      • Strategic Partnerships: Opportunity to form strategic partnerships with complementary brands in AI, Animation, and Music Distribution industries to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and unlock new revenue streams.

    Future Plans

    a. Expectations for March:

    • Increase in Monthly Active Visitors: Rising Organic Traffic and an Increase in Social Media Following could lead to a rise in Monthly Active Visitors by 50%
    • Total Traffic: The Rising Organic Search Traffic and Increasing rate of Total Products could result in a 23% increase in page views.
    • Increase in registered user bases: The increase in Registered user base is expected to be at moderate levels: 110 – similar to January (118) and February (101)

    b. Strategies to achieve those goals:

    • Informative Content: Creating High-Quality Informative Blogs, Demos, and Video Tutorials for Users and Creators
    • Guest Posting: Guest Posting an Informative blog that gives users insights related to RedVilla
    • Interview: A Potential Text-based Interview with Indiependent or Journalists from Media Organizations.

    Please feel free to leave any feedback, questions, and suggestions in the comments. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable to us.

    We are committed to transparency and open communication with our creators, users, advertisers, and investors. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your continued support of RedVilla. Together, we are shaping the future of the digital products industry.

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