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RedVilla is currently in the beginning stages of building a global marketplace that will consist of all digital products worldwide.

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We at RedVilla, always aim to innovate and add a creative approach to our executions such that everyones’ digital life can get better.

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The On-Sale products are on top of the homepage. For getting sale details regarding your favorite product, contact us here.

RedVilla verifies the sellers with distinctive and existent proof that they own the product. We take critical measures so that the buyers on RedVilla get the product directly from the actual owner of the product.

Due to the products being Digital, Refunds, and Replacements are not applicable on RedVilla.

Buyers will be eligible for refunds in the following scenarios:

– Upon buying the product 2 or more times.

– If the Seller sold third party products

Till December 2022, We will be able to expand in other Digital Products Categories Described (i.e., Stock Photos, Stock Videos, Software, Applications, Games, etc.)

Only Products posted on RedVilla (RedVilla Sellers) are eligible to advertise. RedVilla currently does not allow external Advertisements.

RedVilla is currently working on Version 2.0. It will consist of Better User Interface and Self Payment Integration.

Contributing to our Open Source community on GitHub is the best way to be considered for future employment.

The Career Opportunities will take place after we have the necessary funds.